AWARD WINNERS 2020          Australian Small Business Champions | Beauty Services
AWARD WINNERS 2020          Luxury World Spa Awards   Boutique Spa Australia & Oceania
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Luxury World Spa Awards   Boutique Spa Australia
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Small Business Awards         Outstanding Beauty Services
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Small Business Awards         Business of the Year
AWARD WINNERS 2020          Brides Choice Awards            Beauty Day Spa
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Brides Choice Awards            Beauty Day Spa
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Roar Success                            Environmental Warrior
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Roar Success                            Eco Service
AWARD WINNERS 2019          Roar Success                            Organic Service
AWARD WINNERS 2018          Brides Choice Awards            Beauty Day Spa 
AWARD WINNERS 2018          Small Business Awards          Outstanding Beauty Services
AWARD WINNERS 2016-17    Small Business Awards          Outstanding Beauty Services
                                                      ABIA  2019                                Top NSW Eco Salon
Finalists 2020                              ABIA 2020                                Eco Salon/ NSW State Salon
                                                      Destination Deluxe                 Eco Spa 2020
                                                      Luxury World Spa Awards   Eco Spa
                                                      Luxury World Spa Awards   Healing Spa
                                                      WASBE                                      Sustainability

Best Boutique Spa in Australia!

We are a gorgeous, tranquil, boutique Multi Award Winning Eco Day Spa. Founded in 2001 by Samantha Oraya, we are Penrith’s longest established Spa with a reputation for outstanding holistic  & authentic Day Spa pampers. When you visit us at The Day Spa you don’t just get a “treatment” it is all about beautiful Spa Journeys. Samantha is a Gold Winner of the  Australian Ausmumpreneur for Beauty & the Roar Success winner for Environmental warrior. Under her leadership, with her knowledge and expertise in Day Spa, it promises exceptional experiences for guests.

The Day Spa Penrith @ Jorja James gives you the opportunity to relax and revive your mind, body and soul in a serene, peaceful atmosphere whilst being pampered.

“It’s not just a treatment, it is a total holistic, sensorial experience.”

At the day spa we are all passionate about what we do and take pride and pleasure for providing customised personal customer service . We feel privileged to be able to spend our days doing what we love to do:- pampering, relaxing, reviving and rejuvenating our wonderful clients in a Holistic manner.


Our treatment rooms, include single suites, adjoining rooms, couples suites and wet room. 

All rooms are beautifully appointed with the style & feeling being a serene sensory fusion, inspired by journeys to the Orient, Tibet and Bali .Where possible we have used recycled, upcycled & repurposed materials to ensure a minimal environmental footprint whilst creating a beautiful and unique haven.  

Our aim is to create a unique sensory environment for our clients to transcend to a place of total relaxation and bliss through customised pampering whilst receiving professional Holistic day spa and beauty treatments of the highest standards, whilst leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

We are very proud to say that we were the top NSW Eco Spa in the 2019 Australian Beauty Awards and so, so proud to represent Australia as one of 5 world finalists in London in November 2020 for the World Spa & Wellness Awards for Sustainability.



The Day Spa is located in Emu Plains, at the base of the Blue Mountains just across the bridge from the heart of Penrith & a few hundred metres from the famous Penrith Great River Walk & the Penrith Regional Gallery.
What is wonderful and ensures serenity is that we are not located  within a noisy hairdressing salon or Gym, so  that you  can immerse in blissful tranquillity.
Our Exclusive Spa Sanctuary is located at No.25 Sheppard Road with our Day Spa Reception & Wellness Rooms located  a few doors down at No.37 Sheppard Road.  
Visiting the Regional Art Gallery located just down the road for a browse & a delicious relaxing meal before ,or after a Spa journey is a beautiful way to enjoy a total Sensory delight. 


The day spa use  only the finest, highest quality products, including certified organic cosmeceutical ranges Organic Nation |La Clinica |Organic Spa – Certified Organics|Lira| Pure Fiji  | Ecotan | Eco modern essentials| Vita-Sol | Cabot Health 
Our  exclusive retail product ranges include Jorja James signature products,
Hand crafted  triple scented Soy Candles Melts, Diffusers, Bath salts Magnesium & Hemp oils.


We care about our own & our guest’s health & wellbeing this is reflected in the products we use in treatments. We offer choice for our clients with respect, but our first preference is always Organics & Naturals.
In the words of a very dear friend “We are borrowing this earth from our children”. Being environmentally conscious in every aspect of our business is very important to us. Being “Eco” is not what we do,  but integrally who we are and is our way of being. It starts with our choices of Ethical and Sustainable products, to reducing waste,  recycling, minimising use of Energy, water and so many other aspects, We also use natural alternatives to chemical cleaning products.
At our premises at No.37 we fitted out our space using recycled and upcycled materials where possible to create a serene spa environment for our guests. 
Our Spa family consists of beautiful compassionate nurturing souls full of knowledge & passion for the wellness industry. We believe in continued education, mentoring, encouraging growth both professionally & personally. We support, respect & nurture each other
Giving back & paying forward to the wonderful community that supports us by way of donations to local causes, charities, schools & fundraising events. 
We put our heart ,soul and love into everything we do.
No matter which member of our Spa family our guest deals with, we want each guest to feel every single time, without fail that it was the best treatment or experience they have had.
We expect and are expected, to be Unique & outstanding. We are a premium boutique Spa & we help to lift & support our industry by example.
We are committed to every single time providing exceptional, consistent treatments and service to our guests. We aim to exceed all previous spa experiences they have had by caring about the little details & approaching everything in an  holistic manner, always taking into account the footprint that we leave with everyone that we come in contact with & our environment.
The most beautiful spa experience  – You will never forget the way we made you feel!
 “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou

In ost recent years we are the winners of the 2018 Brides Choice Awards | Winners 2018 ,20

Being an Eco Spa – Its not what we do Its who we are!

Our Ethos is truly ecological. In a positive, kind way, “We support and nurture everything within our sphere of influence, including our selves, our family, our environment, community, industry.”
How we do that, is by setting an example, with love, we empower and educate.

At The Day Spa, we are a holistic haven has been created with love for the earth and others, by using recycled, reclaimed, pre loved , and seconds where possible, whilst still adhering to council regulations & the skin penetration act.

From the beautiful old reclaimed doors that welcome you in to our spa, to our reception desk that evolved from an old bedhead, broken doors and balustrade, our use of preloved & seconds furnishings, the up-cycled cabinetry salvaged from a knockdown, to using Nanas old glassware and linens ; we have worked around the existing structure , designing and fitting out our spa whilst being as respectful and Environmental as possible.

Every aspect of our Spa takes in consideration being environmentally conscious. From the design, like minded suppliers we deal with , the Organic products we use in Spa, to bio degradable , recyclable packaging and gift cards , to energy efficient appliances, energy usage, water usage , organic cleaning products we use, to the way we recycle and down our everyday practises , it is all done with an awareness of the impact that we make on this earth and in our world.

We also care deeply about our own and our guest’s health & wellbeing. This is reflected in the products we use in treatments and the environment we have created .

We are an exceptional Eco Spa by the way we have established sustainable practices that go beyond plastic recycling, paper reduction and the use of nontoxic products. We are truly holistic in our all of our practises and have created an Eco Spa with soul. We believe that being eco is not only about being environmentally friendly and green but it is about supporting our Eco System and community.

Our eco efforts can be validated by the fact The Day Spa is a 2020 Top 5 World finalist for Sustainable Spa 2020, as well as our founder Samantha being named the 2019 Australian Roar award winner for Environmental warrior.

Green Policy

Our Green policy is all about being mindful of our impact on the environment and that we each have a responsibility personally to ensure that we have a minimal negative environmental impact on this earth and the community.

We acknowledge that often the word “sustainable” and the fact that when things can be recycled it, may give perceived permission that leads to overuse and not choose wisely; It all begins with our choices.

If it can be refused, we will refuse, if it can be recycled – it will be recycled! If it can be reused , it will be reused! If we can reduce the impact, we will Reduce, if it can rot, we will choose products that will rot into the soil!

16-2017 business award for beauty services, Finalists in the 2018 & 2017 NATIONAL Australian Small Business Champions for Beauty Services, Finalists for the Local Business Awards 2017 – Beauty Services. Finalists for business of the year, business person of the year & outstanding youth in the Small Business Awards 2017! Finalists in the 2016 Women with altitude awards for “Service with a Smile”,

Finalists for business of the Year, Business person of the year & Outstanding youth in the Small Business Awards 2016/17. Finalists for the 2017 for the WWA awards for “Through the woods”.
We specialise in professional blissful ,customised treatments that are focused on our clients needs whilst pampering them during all of their Day Spa Packages, Spa Facials, Spa Massages, Remedial Massages, Pregnancy Massages  Hot Bodhi Stone Massage, Couples Massages and treatments, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Body Treatments,
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