PREGNANCY MASSAGE | $165 including consultation

Relax | Relieve | Nurture
Tailored to suit all stages of pregnancy, a nurturing massage to benefit both mother and baby. Our highly qualified & certified pregnancy massage therapists can assist to ease the discomforts that arise during this wonderful time as the miraculous changes happen. Massage can help to soothe from backaches to stiff necks to sore legs. This is a beautiful massage performed with mummy side lying, draped, supported & snuggled in a bed of strategically placed pillows. We use a special organic pregnancy massage oil formulated to relax mummy and to assist with stretch marks. Mummy’s to be deserve a pamper in beautiful surroundings during this wondrous time, with the additional benefits of relief of discomfort & nurturing.
Please Allow 75 minutes including consultation and refreshments.

A question we often get asked is do we have the massage bed with the hole for the tummy in it or specialised massage? As every pregnancy is unique and special so are expectant mummy’ tummy’s. Current research supports use of a standard massage table with Mummy to be side lying rather than those with a cut out to accommodate the pregnant belly or specialised bed overlays with cut outs. Cut-out’s can allow the abdomen to dangle unsupported and can cause stretching of the uterine ligaments & undue pressure and stress on the lower back ,therefore baby. These beds or overlays are not recommended for use by Pregnancy Massage Australia.  This soft to medium pressure , flowing massage is sure to delight mum to be!

As certified Pregnancy massage therapists we massage from conception through to antenatal.

Pregnancy Pamper Packages

PREGNANCY GAIA PAMPER | $175 (save $45)

Customised Pregnancy back, neck & shoulder Massage | Bespoke Organic  Facial | Collagen Eye Treatment treatment | complimentary Refreshments

Revel in being pampered during a divine pregnancy Back, Neck & shoulder massage using a specialised pregnancy massage oil, then indulge in a divine organic facial with a Collagen Eye Treatment . This is a complete Spa experience with  light refreshments with a beverage.

Please allow 75 minutes including consultation and refreshments.

PREGNANCY JAYA PAMPER| $225  (save $35)

For our expectant Mummy’s we want them to be transported to a place of relaxation and serenity in gorgeous surroundings whilst being pampered during a customised 60 minute Full Body pregnancy massage, then indulge in a divine Organic facial. The experience is completed by welcoming you to partake in light refreshments with a beverage.

Please allow 105 minutes including consultation and refreshments.

CHERISH PAMPER – for Mums to be | $325

Especially for our mums to be, and their bubs on board during a very special time. Enjoy a full body pregnancy massage with organic oils, followed by a customised bliss facial & a foot ritual.
Please allow 135 minutes including consultation and refreshments.


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